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A professional quality tool for
cutting and beveling leather and
rawhide to use in braiding
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Phone: 208-884-3766

Readily adaptable to left or right hand use
Ergonomic Design - Improving worker comfort
Increases productivity and yield by cutting from discs or strips
Uses inexpensive single-edge razor blades
Bevels at 30 and 45 degrees
Compact and lightweight for easy use and storage
Low cost
Complete Package Includes:
The Lace Master™ comes complete and ready to use.
Lace Master with Braider's Shaft
Crowning / Saddler's Shaft
Instructional DVD
100 Blades
The Lace Master™ is quick and easy to use.
With a little practice, you will be able to quickly and easily cut lace from a disc of calfskin, lightweight leather or rawhide!

Bevel quickly and with ease.
When changing the beveler from side to side, be sure to install the correct spring. The correct spring will get tighter around the lever shaft when tilting the blade holder upward.
Caution: As with any edged tool, take precautions for safe operation. Remove blades for storage. Remove blades when converting to preferred left/right hand use.
Patent Number
US 7,225,647 B2
June 5, 2007
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